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If you want to cover the race as a journalist, a photographer, a movie maker... Working as an individual or for a media, you have to be accredited, unless you won't be allowed to work during the race.

You just have to contact and a team member will deliver you an accreditation for the race coverage.


Press review (chronologic order)

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Trail Session (FR) | Interview of Amir Ben Gacem


Amir Ben Gacem gave an exclusive interview to Sebastien Cantéro, journalist at Trail Session and also finisher of Ultra Mirage El Djerid 2017.

ANNBA (AR/BR) | Tunisia, UAE to host desert races


The arab/brazilian agency ANNBA wrote an article about the long distance desert races in the arab world. Particulary in Dubai with the Al Marmoom Ultramarathon and in Tunisia with the Ultra Mirage El Djerid.

Run And Travel (PL) | The Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100 K, czyli bieganie po tunezyjskiej pustyni


Even in Poland, Run And Travel talks about Ultra Mirage El Djerid !

Correre Nel Deserto (IT) | Alla Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100km con Mario Falcetti


The italian ultra runner Mario Falcetti gives his impressions to the Correre Nel Deserto about Ultra Mirage El Djerid he ran last year.

Correre Nel Deserto (IT) | Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100km


The italian website Correre Nel Deserto, is now part of our media partners. In the south of Tunisia Correre Nel Deserto is simply said Ultra Mirage El Djerid, what else ?

Running Calendar (US) | Tozeur, Ultra Mirage El Djerid 100km


The famous worldwide running calendar host a new race : Ultra Mirage El Djerid!

Vosges Télévision - Côté sport (FR) | Christophe Betard


One of our star runner, Christophe Betard is interviewed by the french regional channel Vosges Télévision about his 2018 season and his participation to the Ultra Mirage El Djerid (min 27).

Ian Corless (UK) | Talk Ultra Podcast


Episode 154 of Talk Ultra is a packed show! We speak with Ryan Sandes about his amazing FKT with Ryno Griesel on a section of Nepal’s Great Himalayan Trail. Elisabet Barnes discusses taking a break, looking at nutrition and how to return to training and racing healthy. We speak to Amir Ben Gacem about Ultra Mirage and we offer a free place! The Godfather of Trail, Kurt Decker brings us a chat with Keely Henninger and of course, Speedgoat Karl co-hosts!

Ian Coreless (UK) | Ultra Mirage© El Djerid #UMED 2018 Race Package


The race will take place on September 29th 2018, and a special package price has been arranged for 350 euro: Domestic flights from Tunis / Ground transport / 2 nights’ accommodation in a 4* hotel / Race entry / Race Shirt, cap, bag, medal and certificate (for the finishers).

It’s an incredible package at a stunning price (...).

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