UMED 2020

Three years ago, I was dreaming of organising an Ultra Trail in the Tunisian El Djerid desert, to make runners from all over the world discover the beauty and diversity of this breathtaking landscape. Since then, the Ultra Mirage El Djerid has welcomed more than 400 runners from 27 different countries who, while braving the toughest desert climate and the brutality of a 100km single stage run, took part of a unique life experience yielding outstanding personal reward and exceptional friendship.

Today, as we embark on the preparation of the 4th edition, we are delighted to introduce a second race, a 50km ultra that will take place at the same time and the same place as the legendary 100km race! UM50 will have the same path than the UM100 for the first 35km, and will have to be completed in 10hours! All of this without compromising on the beauty of the scenery.

It has been a real pleasure to see the Ultra Mirage family grow at such fast pace! Runners, athletes, friends, family, sponsors, volunteers, I am really looking forward to seeing you all in October 2020!

Amir Ben Gacem

UMED 100K Records

Fastest Man
Rachid El Morabity
2019 / 8h 21' 29''
Fastest Woman
Elisabeth Barnes
2018 / 10h 25' 19''
Youngest Finisher
Khalil Ben Gacem
2019 / 16h 19' 19''
Oldest Finisher
Santo Pagano
65 yo ;-)

UMED 50K Records

Fastest Man
It could be YOU !
in 2020
Fastest Woman
It could be YOU !
in 2020
Youngest Finisher
It could be YOU !
in 2020
Oldest Finisher
It could be YOU !
in 2020






Thu 01 Oct

10.00am First Departs from Tunis-Carthage Airport to Tozeur

5.00pm Expected Arrival to Tozeur 4* Hotel

09.00pm Welcome Message from Race Organiser

Fri 02 Oct

06.00am Breakfast buffet opens

09.00am Race Registration opens for 6 hours

09.30am-10.30am Mandatory Race Briefing in French and Italian

10.30am-11.30am Mandatory Race Briefing in English

11.30am-12.30am Mandatory Race Briefing in Arabic

12.30am Buffet Lunch open

03.00pm Registration close

07.00pm Buffet Dinner opens

Sat 03 Oct

04.00am Buffet Breakfast opens

05.30am Buses Depart from Hotel to UMED Village

06.30am Arrival to UMED Village/ Start Line

07.00am UMED50 and UMED100 Races Starts

05.00pm UMED50 Race Finish

05.30pm UMED50 Closing Ceremony at UMED Village

07.00pm Bus Departs back to the Hotel

08.00pm Buffet Dinner Opens

Sun 04 Oct

03.00am UMED100 Race Finish/ Last Bus back to Hotel Departs

10.30am UMED100 Closing Ceremony at Hotel

12.00pm Last Bus departs from Tozeur to Tunis-Carthage Airport7.00pm Expected Arrival to Tunis-Carthage Airport

2020 Race Updates

The 100K and 50K tracks

There will be few changes in the 100K track compared to the previous edition. The UMED 50K and the UMED 100K will have a 35 km of common track, until the CP2.

Check Points/ Hydratation Points

Big Update in 2020 : There will be Hydratation Points (HP) with water supply only, in addition to the Check Points. For the UMED 100K : 5 CP & 3 HP and for the UMED 50K : 2 CP & 2 HP.



  • Back Pack (to carry a minimum of 2L of water)

  • Survival blanket

  • Whistle

  • Lighter

  • Torch (head torch or equivalent)

  • Passport / ID card

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