UMED / Covid-19

The health of our runners, organisers, volunteers and partners remains our upmost priority. We have already tested and implemented very strict heath protocols during the 2020 Ultra Mirage race series. Those measures have allowed us to go ahead with the event despite the global pandemic. All of our processes follow the recommendations of: the WHO, the ITRA and the Tunisian Health Ministry. We have worked very closely with local authorities to make sure that our event is safe for all. It is with that in mind that we are excited to organise our 5th Edition of the Ultra Mirage El Djerid on the 2nd of October 2021. We will maintain the same procedures that were implemented successfully in 2020:

- Race registration, Bib and goodies collection will be done by appointment only throughout Friday 1st of October in Tozeur

- Mandatory race briefing will be done exclusively on Video, available 48h before race day

- All questions will be answered and addressed online by the race director a full week ahead of race day

- GPX files of both UM50 and UM100 will be available online 

- Race departure will be done by groupes of 25 runners at the starting line in Ong Jmel with 2m distance between each athlete

- UM100 runners will start ahead of the UM50 runners and as early as 6am with a 25 runners group departing every 10minutes

- The time windows will not change with UM100 and UM50 deadlines maintained at 20h and 10h

- Checkpoints will only distribute water - served by volunteers into athletes’ water containers.

- Dry food will be provided to runners during race registration only and will have to be carried by each athlete on race day

- Checkpoints will be doubled in capacity to allow social distancing for athletes while they are resting

- Each athlete will have a specific time slot at checkpoint to allow everyone to rest while keeping social distancing

- Food packs will be available for runners on arrival at the finish line for both UM50 and UM100

- The closing ceremony will be exclusively done online to avoid overcrowding

- All athletes will be required to wear face masks before and after the race and in common areas

- Friends and family are of course encouraged to join the event!


Ultra Mirage El Djerid Organisation Team

UMED 100K Records

Fastest Man
Rachid El Morabity
2019 / 8h 21' 29''
Fastest Woman
Elisabet Barnes
2018 / 10h 25' 19''
Youngest Finisher
Khalil Ben Gacem
2019 / 15y old
Oldest Finisher
Santo Pagano
2019 / 65y old

UMED 50K Records

Fastest Man
Mohamed Ben Ameur (Tunisia)
2020 / 4h28'43"
Fastest Woman
Imen Ben Salem (Tunisia)
2020 / 5h54'58"
Youngest Finisher
Abdrahim Fitouri (Tunisia)
2020 / 18y old
Oldest Finisher
Ridha Moalla (Tunisia)
2020 / 64y old






Thu 30 Sep

10.00 First bus departs from Tunis-Carthage Airport to Tozeur

17.00 Expected Arrival to Tozeur

21.00 Welcome Message from Race Organiser (Subject to changes)

Fri 01 Oct

09.00-13.00: Race Registration done by Race Number 

13.00-14.00 Race briefing in English

14.00-15.00 Race briefing in French

15.00-16.00 Race briefing in Arabic 

Sat 02 Oct

05.00 Buses Depart from Tozeur to UMED Village

06.00 UMED100 & UMED50 Races Start 

16.00 UMED50 Race closes


Sun 03 Oct

03.00 UMED100 Race Finish/ Last Bus back to Tozeur

10.00 - Closing Ceremony

2021 Race Details

100Km track

The 100km race track is similar to the previous year (GPX file available). Expect a delightful scenery across the Sahara. Check points are spread 15-20km from each other. Hydration stations will also be available along the route.

50Km track

The 50km race track (GPX file available) will follow the same path as the 100km race for the first 35km. Both races will share 2 Check Points (CP1 and CP2). Two hydrations points will be available between CP1 and CP2 as well as CP2 and the Finish line

Check Points/ Hydratation Points

 There will be Hydratation Points (HP) with water supply only, in addition to the Check Points. For the UMED 100K : 5 CP & 3 HP and for the UMED 50K : 2 CP & 2 HP.



  • Back Pack (to carry a minimum of 2L of water)

  • Survival blanket

  • Whistle

  • Lighter

  • Torch (head torch or equivalent)

  • Passport / ID card

  • Face Mask

International Runners Registration 

يمكن للعدائين التونسيين استخدام الرابط التالي

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